A gentle reminder: little by little, one goes far. So take it small. One step forward makes a big difference.

Brave Bits #01

Better than Medals

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I live to compete, to level up, and not to repeat. I gave it my all but didn’t expect for me to fall. It was my first time to lose. That was last 2015, where I joined the BulPriSa Declamation Contest. It wasn’t my first time nor my second time competing; I won a gold and a few bronze medals before and I was really confident that I can win, but suddenly, the tables have turned. A defeat I never imagined. And it crushed me. I failed. Although my coach, my family, and my classmates comforted me, I still felt bad and nobody knew that. I was afraid to lose. But worse than that, I am afraid to lose again.

The Beginning of The Broken

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I am afraid. Of things and things concerning things. Of endings and new beginnings. Of being half-empty and being half-full. Of breaking and building. Of loving and being unloved. Humans die. Feelings are fleeting. Everything I see are fragile and temporal. They shake, they stir, they move, they fall down like trees bent in the middle during a storm. And in those times, I fold myself in half, like paper, gripping my chest like holding every bit of tremor inside my skin. My body quakes. My heart races double the amount of its normal run.


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