Courageous & Meek


The Pit of the Present

You are onto something. Here you are, at the edge of a cliff, looking down at the dark, narrow bottomless pit you are about to crash into. But you’ve made your decision. You’re taking that jump. You’re also stupid. You didn’t make it. Congratulations for crawling back  ...

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Hello, 2018

The story behind Courageous & Meek is a story of impulse. We all have that — a spark, a split-second decision that you will either celebrate or regret forever. But Courageous & Meek is nothing to be regretful about; it’s a beautiful reminder that things bloom and ripen in time,  ...

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Here is Where the Fight Begins

Here is where the fight begins the minute you realize you are still alive, hands warm, ready to turn to fists to break the back a new day dawning and you’re enough to take the sun arms open wide, gathering the scattered wind and dreams of yesterday’s nightmares  

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